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Here at Ernesford Grange, Science is delivered by a team of subject specialists.

The department is made up of two Biologists, three Chemists, and two Physicists. We consistently work together to update our subject knowledge and share ideas to enhance learning and teaching in Science. 

The department has close links with both Coventry and Warwick universities, liaising with staff the university to provide exciting learning opportunities.

In additional to timetabled lessons, students have the opportunity to take part in Science workshops, visit laboratories and meet scientists who explain how their careers have developed.

We also run a Science Stem Club for all key stages and this enables to widen their horizon on ‘how science works’ in real life context.


Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils are set according to ability. We teach topics in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to all pupils in Years 7-8. Covering areas such as Cells & Reproduction, Combustion, Forces, and Fluids.

Assessment is on-going in the form of practical skills, written work, and tests.

Students develop an understanding of key concepts in Science and also lay a skills foundation which

contributes to eventual GCSE success. 


Key stage 4

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 At Key Stage 4 students cover the combined Science GCSE content in Year 9, 10 and 11. Some students cover the single Science content whilst doing an entry-level course.

In combined Science students study topics in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The students will sit two papers in each subject and they will be 1hr and 10 min long. This will include questions that assess their maths & practical skills.

Students can also opt to take Triple Science, completing 3 GCSEs, one each in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, which allows students to study each subject in more detail.

This is the recommended route for students who intend to study Science at A Level. There are two more exams per subject, each paper will be 1hr 45min long and will assess their maths & practical skills.


Key Stage 5

 At Key Stage 5 we offer A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Some of our recent students have gone on to study Medicine, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Physics and Marine Biology.

We are currently looking into offering BTEC & Diploma in Science as an alternative to A Levels. 

We are currently looking into offering BTEC & Diploma in Science as an alternative to A Levels. The web page will be uploaded as soon as a decision has been made onto what course we can offer.

Students are encouraged to discuss and debate both scientific concepts, and key issues which are linked to the subject.

They are supported to be independent in their learning and to extend their understanding of the subjects.