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Other than the school show, there are other times of the year for students to perform, including many showcases throughout the year, which Key Stage Four students are involved in.

The department runs theatre trips and we use our contacts to give special experiences to the students, such as backstage tours and meeting the cast of professional productions.

Students have also enjoyed Performing Arts career days at the Belgrade.

Drama students are encouraged to use their talents in the community and we have students who belong to YOG (a Coventry Youth Theatre), the Belgrade Youth Theatre and other amateur groups around the city.

Some students from the school have gone on to train at top London Drama schools and have successful careers in the Performing Arts industry.




Key Stage 3


In Key Stage Three, students learn performing skills, which incorporate drama, music and movement.

They are assessed on their ability to put together performances, to perform to the class and their understanding about performance, evaluating their own and others’ work, thinking

about what went well and what could have gone better.

The lessons are underpinned by group work and the skills which Performing Arts students develop are demonstrated across the Curriculum at Ernesford Grange and equip them for 

life beyond school.

The Key Stage Three curriculum is taught through a variety of mediums, such as play scrips and stimulus, such as pictures, objects and DVD clips.





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Key Stage 4


Students in Key Stage Four study vocational courses which keeps the focus on practical skills and performing.

Courses are tailored around the specialisms the students want to focus on and may include Drama, Dance or Music.

Currently in Year 11 we have students studying the NCFE Certificate in Creative Studies and we have one group focussing on Music and one group focussing on Drama.

There are three units:

* Unit One is internally assessed and focuses on building and improving students’ skills.

* Unit Two is externally assessed and is about preparing for a performance and then performing it!

* Unit Three is internally assessed and looks at what is involved in putting on a production.

Year 9 study the RSA Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts and students have chosen to focus on either Drama or Dance.

Students study two units.

* One is internally assessed and the actors are studying Performing Scripted Plays, where they work on presenting two different scripts, and the dancers are studying Ensemble Dance Performance where they focus on one particular genre and perform dances from that genre.

* The second unit is externally assessed and is about preparing and completing a live performance.