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This forward-looking department consists of 9 specialists and a specialist HLTA who teach Mathematics in a suite of six classrooms that are all equipped with Interactive Whiteboards.

The department regularly shares good practice and works together to find new and innovative approaches in the teaching of Mathematics.

The current year 7 and 8 students are following a Mastery Maths scheme of learning to embed mathematical fluency in KS3.

Everyone in the Maths department has high expectations of our students who, in the main, are highly motivated and able and who strive to produce an excellent standard of work.

A range of extra-curricular activities are offered by the department, including a More-Able Maths Club, Times-Tables Club, revision sessions aimed at KS4 students and National Mathematics Challenge Competitions open to students.

Post-16 teaching is delivered by teachers who are Mathematics enthusiasts.

2016 has seen the largest uptake of A-level Mathematics in the history of Ernesford Grange and former A-level students have been inspired to take their mathematical studies further often opting for Maths related subjects in Further Education.


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maths feast

Maths Feast – Mathematics Team Challenge at Warwick University


On Friday 3rd March school took a small team of us to Myton School in Warwick for a Maths challenge.

There were 16 teams participating in the event with each team compromising of 4 people.

There were several rounds including a round in the style of 'Countdown' and a problem solving round. 

Each of the rounds required us to use our maths skills and work as a team in order to get the highest scores possible.

We all really enjoyed the day - epecially the relay round, which compromised of the team being split into two sets of pairs.

Each pair had to solve a problem and then using the answer, the other pair would use it to solve the next question and so on.





 "Thank you to Mrs Gasgoine for taking us to and from Warwick - we had a great time!"

Caitlin Birks, Chloe Copeland, Raina Raval and Morgan Smyth