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The Humanities Vision

The Humanities Faculty aims to give every student the opportunity for an outstanding educational experience, leading to a successful future. 

This will be achieved through high expectations for all, outstanding learning and teaching, with positive behaviour and a safe, welcoming environment.

At EGCA, the Humanities subjects are taught by a dedicated team of highly qualified teachers who have specialisms in Geography, History and Religious Studies.



Learning in Humanities


Across the Key Stages, students have the opportunity to learn from 

and about:


•Human, Physical, Environmental and Economic Geography.

•World and British History from across the ages.

•Religious and Ethical studies, including contemporary issues facing the world today.  

Whenever possible, links are made between the course content and the world we live in; giving students the opportunity to go out into society better prepared for their future.

The Humanities classrooms are welcoming, inclusive, safe environments for learning to take place in. 

Staff build positive relationships with students, supporting good progress. 


Key Stage 3  Geography KS3  History KS3  Religion and Ethics KS3  Life Skills KS3

Key Stage 4  Geography KS4  History KS4  Religion and Ethics KS4  Life Skills KS4

Key Stage 5  Sociology KS5  Psychology KS5  Life Skills KS5