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Students – this is your page. The idea of this page is to link you to detailed advice and guidance from organisations outside school.
There will be advice on a wide range of issues from Sexual Health to Careers and revision.
The idea is for you to use it as a hub to access information that you or your friends might need.
If you can think of any other websites that it would be useful to add please mention them to your year head or Mrs Nicholls.



With increasing concerns around social media and online safety we would urge all parents/carers to sit down with their child to look through the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) website. 


As a school we are making sure all our young people are educated about the dangers of the internet through Life Skills lessons, the tutor programme, assemblies and talks from various external agencies, however we are all too aware that parents/carers are not always clear on the risks associated with mobile phones and the internet. 


Though some may find it embarrassing to discuss the range of issues with their child, it really is important that you are able to openly talk about the risks together.  By approaching the dangers from both school and home we believe that your child will have a greater awareness and therefore become more responsible.

The CEOP website also has advice specifically for parents/carers and it would be advisable to reads through this first.  Thank you for working together with us to protect our children.

D. Burrows (Headteacher)


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