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Alternative Centre for Education

C. Mcfarlane

“The ACE gives me confidence and offers new opportunities. I enjoy my sessions in ACE”. 

R. Finch

“The ACE helps me to fell calm and relaxed because I enjoy helping in the garden”.

Linking with riverbank 

E. Collinson

“The Hydrotherapy sessions have given me confidence in the water and it has helped to strengthen my muscles”.  e.collinson











B. Morris

“The ELC was not as bad as I thought it would be. It has changed me and my behaviour”. 

B. Adderley

“We have an amazing teacher and she has really helped me a lot. I have learned more in here than outside”. 








The Basethe base


R. Mason: "…It’s a place where everyone is accepted"

Student: "You can breathe in the Base."

C. Pepper: "It’s a place I can go."

T. Cole: "It’s quiet. You feel safe." 








Personalised Learning Centre

plcA haven. The PLC means everything. A place where you can renew your smile. If in doubt give Jo a shout”. B. Read

“It helps me when I’m upset. Jo makes me feel better.” E. Bagley 









Wellbeing Mentors

Student a: 'They are always there to talk to, and they always make time for me if I need it.'

Student b: 'I am really happy in school because of the support I get from Inclusion. I know who to talk to if I ever need anything and I know they will help me.'

Student c: 'They make me believe I can achieve anything, even when I find things hard.' 





Inclusion at Ernesford

Parent: 'He is so happy. The care he is receiving is fantastic and I am really happy with everything the school has done to support him.'